Jérôme Mellon

Intelligence and Security Specialist

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Intelligence and security specialist aiming at a position as officer, analyst or consultant in the fields of intelligence, risk assessment, international security, or security sector reform.

Key skills and expertise include security-related project and budget design, management and evaluation; UN work experience at headquarters and in a war-torn environment; experience with local governments, organisations; proven diplomatic and interpersonal skills; professional lawyer experience; and intelligence theoretical and practical issues.


Research Papers  |  Courses Completed

Aug. 2008 -> ... UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, New York (United States)
Security Sector Reform Coordination Officer
  • Provided SSR support and strategic input to United Nations operations, especially in Sudan, Côte d'Ivoire and Somalia, and to UNOWA
  • Led the establishment and maintenance of the UN Roster of Senior SSR Experts
  • Helped in creating and strengthening numerous strategic partnerships with key partners such as France and the EU
  • Assisted in the development of United Nations policies and guidance on SSR
Jul. 2006 -> Jun. 2008 Saferworld, Pristina (Kosovo) and London (United Kingdom)
Project Co-ordinator, South Eastern Europe
  • Designed and implemented projects in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina on security sector reform and community safety.
  • Engaged in strategic planning for Saferworld's work in South Eastern Europe.
  • Published several articles and research and recommendations reports on Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, security sector reform, and intelligence.
  • Frequently advocated for the sustainable development of the security sector in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina through targeted briefings with key stakeholders, including Prime Ministers, senior advisors, government institutions, European Union officials, and international organisations.
  • Assisted the politically-sensitive police reform process in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the issue of community-based policing.
  • Co-ordinated and participated in an analysis of conflict drivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Built the capacity of local, non-governmental partner organisations in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in dealing with security policy, public safety and small arms control issues.
  • Based in Pristina from July 2006 to July 2007 before relocating to London headquarters.
Sep. 2004 -> Feb. 2006 United Nations Development Programme, Pristina (Kosovo)
Programme Analyst, Security Sector Portfolio
  • Designed, managed, monitored projects in the Kosovo security sector totalling more than US $5 million.
  • Coordinated and supervised the work of project teams to ensure efficiency and consistency.
  • Developed the strategy for and the implementation of the Internal Security Sector Review.
  • Acquired thorough knowledge of issues and challenges related to the security situation in Kosovo and received daily security incident reports.
  • Established strategic partnerships on security sector reform and institution building.
  • Helped design capacity building and training programmes for police and security personnel.
  • Drafted concept papers, project documents, budgets, reports, and liaised with donors for reporting and resource mobilisation, successfully securing more than US $3 million.
  • Frequently provided briefings to small and large groups as well as to the SRSG and the Prime Minister.
  • Implemented the high-profile, politically-sensitive KCAP project assessing Kosovo's administrative capacity to manage all the functions of an autonomous entity.
May 2000 -> Nov. 2003 Heenan Blaikie, Montréal (Canada)
Paralegal and Lawyer
  • Worked on high-profile cases within multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Participated in strategic discussions to identify the most effective approaches to complex cases.
  • Provided clients with detailed legal opinions, both in English and French.
  • Represented high-level clients in front of various levels of courts.
  • Performed highly-specialised research and report drafting.
  • Worked most of the time under high pressure and with tight deadlines.
Apr. 2002 -> Jul. 2002 University of Salford, Manchester (United Kingdom)
International Office Assistant
  • Assisted in the management and the expansion of a worldwide network of recruiting agents.
  • Worked on the global database of international applicants.
  • Created new tools and procedures to dramatically increase the speed of data entry and to maximise the potential of the database while minimizing the risks of errors.
Apr. 1999 -> Jul. 1999 Department of Justice, Québec (Canada)
  • Undertook comprehensive research mandates for government lawyers in matters related to public and administrative law.
  • Took part in strategic discussions for the management of high-profile matters including the case to defend the constitutional validity of an important administrative tribunal.
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Sep. 2009 United Nations, New York (United States)
Staff Performing Critical Functions in the Event of an Emergency
Jun. 2009 International Security Sector Advisory Team, New York (United States)
National Security Strategy Facilitation Training
Apr. 2009 United Nations, New York (United States)
Sensitization Briefing on Security Sector Reform

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Oct. 2008 United Nations, New York (United States)
Prevention of Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Abuse of Authority in the Workplace

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Sep. 2008 United Nations, New York (United States)
Integrity Awareness Initiative On-Line Learning Programme

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Sep. 2008 United Nations, New York (United States)
Basic Security in the Field: Staff Safety, Health, and Welfare

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Feb. 2008 Crisis Management Centre, Kuopio (Finland)
Applying Human Security in Crisis Management
  • One-week course involving experts from the London School of Economics and Political Science, from armed forces and from Kosovo's civil society, and focusing on understanding the human security approach, its relevance and how it can be applied in practice, with the context of Kosovo used throughout as a case study and for a scenario-based role-play exercise.
  • Topics discussed and analysed also included security sector reform, civil-military co-operation, inter-ethnic dialogue, civil society engagement and military intervention.
Feb. 2006 Government of the United Kingdom, Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)
Security Sector Reform Practitioners' Course
Sep. 2001 -> Nov. 2002 University of Salford, Manchester (United Kingdom)
Master of Arts (MA) in Intelligence and International Relations
  • MA dissertation entitled The Missing Agency: The Case for a Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service.
  • Wrote more than fifteen research papers, including an in-depth political and strategic assessment of Syria.
  • Courses included Middle Eastern Security, Past and Present of US Intelligence and British Intelligence in the Second World War.

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Aug. 2000 -> Apr. 2001 Québec Bar School, Québec and Ottawa (Canada)
Lawyer Formation
  • Theoretical and practical formation leading to a license to practice law.
  • Called to the Québec Bar in May 2003.

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Sep. 1997 -> Apr. 2000 Universit?Laval, Québec (Canada)
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Participated in an exchange programme to attend the University of Western Ontario (London, Canada) and the Universit?de Montréal (Montréal, Canada).
  • Courses included Public International Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, International Conflict Resolution (MA level), and International Trade Law.

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Mar. 2003 -> ... Québec Bar, Montréal (Canada)
Jul. 2002 -> ... International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals, Arlington (United States)
Apr. 1999 -> ... Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies, Ottawa (Canada)
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Conferences and Speeches

Sep. 2009 Guest speaker, Expert Workshop on European Union Training for Security Sector Reform, by the Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Stadtschlaining (Austria)

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Jul. 2009 2nd Inter-Agency Senior Security Sector Reform Practitioners Workshop, by the United Nations Security Sector Reform Task Force, Manhasset (United States)

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Jun. 2009 10th Meeting on Crisis Management, by the United Nations-European Union Steering Committee, Brussels (Belgium)
Jun. 2009 Guest speaker, Meeting on Security Sector Reform, by the European Union Politico-Military Working Group, Brussels (Belgium)
May 2009 Guest speaker, 8th International Security Forum, by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, Geneva (Switzerland)

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Additional Skills

Languages Fluent in French (mother tongue), English.
Knowledge of Spanish (basic), Albanian (elementary).
Computer Fully computer literate.
Aptitudes in data processing and Internet research.
Personal Assets Strong research, analytical and writing skills.
Ease in creating, maintaining networks of contacts.
Flexibility and adaptability to new situations
Other Details Canadian and French citizen.
Editor of the Internet-based Canadian Intelligence Resource Centre.
Deep interest in intelligence and international security matters.
Visited Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guinea, the Holy See, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Turkey, and lived in Canada, in Kosovo (3 years), in the United Kingdom (2 years) and, since 2008, in the United States.
Practised Taekwon-Do (6th level) and Kung Fu.
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